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Southside Motors
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Customer Testimonials

I was worried about having to take time off to find the right minivan for my family and sign the paperwork, but Southside Motors is open late. I went over after work, rented to own the minivan I wanted, and since I had insurance already, everything was taken care of in about an hour!

Ross Township, PA
December 2014

A convenient dealership right between home and my job over in North Side!

Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, PA
November 2014

Such an easy process. I kept waiting for a "catch" but there wasn't one. I was driving off the lot in a little over an hour in a car I got to choose.

East Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA
October 2014

Thank you so much for working with the DPW to help me get a great car. I can get to work and take my kids to school now. The payments are affordable and Rent to Own is so easy.

Pittsburgh, PA
September 2014

I want to take a minute to share my experience with Southside Motors. This place is amazing and the only car lot that would give us another shot. My husband had lost his job due to downsizing and I just can't work anymore because of my health. We needed a minivan so I could fit the grandkids in comfortably and still have room for groceries and odds and ends. We talked with 4 other car dealerships and it was the same old story about our credit being bad and they can't help us. My neighbor came over and was telling me about Southside Motors and their Rent to Own program. Of course we didn't believe it so we took a ride down to check them out. This place is everything it claims to be. We got a newer minivan with low miles and they didn't even check our credit. Even though we both rely on social security, payments won't be a problem. All I'm saying is if you have bad credit and don't want to be embarrassed like we were at all the other car lots go to Southside Motors.

Greensburg, PA
August 2014

I saw an ad for Southside Motors in one of the auto books at the grocery store. It said "everyone drives within an hour." My sister had just sat at a different dealership for five hours before being told no. She had to try to entertain her kids that whole time! I passed Southside Motors' ad to her and she stopped in. Just like the ad says, she was out in less than an hour with a car she got to pick out! She was so excited and now I don't have to drive her around any more. Thanks Southside Motors!!

Evelyn Johnson
New Kensington, PA
July 2014

I recently wrecked my car and needed to get a new one. My credit is a little under the weather because of a job loss. ... I went in with a open mind because I have been turned down at 4 other places. As soon as I opened the door to go in the one owner (GUY) welcomed me and ask me how he could help me. I told him my situation and he told me to come out on the lot and pick out a vehicle and I would be driving it home today. I said to myself here we go again. Well I will admit I was wrong. This owner took 2 hours to make sure I was helped and even got my reasonably priced insurance. It has been a little over 7 months and I can still say this place is awesome. ...

Michele Sharp
via Google+
June 2014

A quick thank you to everyone at Southside Motors. Instead of being pushed into a vehicle I did not want they worked with me through many programs to find the best fit for me and my family. I am thrilled with my new Chevrolet Tahoe and I know I could not have got it anywhere else. Thanks so much guys!!

May 2014

Great owners that work with you. super easy and friendly. helped me get insurance and everything!!! ...

via YellowPages
April 2014

Big selection of cars. Picked a late-model sedan with the great terms of the Rent to Own program.

John Powell
March 2014

I was so blessed to find this place. They have a program for people with bad credit. I was recently widowed and my credit was bad. One of the owners (Guy) was able to get me into a car the same day that I came into the lot. There were no hassles, and he didn't make me feel like a low life because I didn't have decent credit. I sent my little brother and sister in law to SoutSide Motors to get a car. We are all very pleased with the service that we received. The cars are great. When you go to the dealership ask for Guy or Mike.

Monica Covelli
via Google+
February 2014

The service contract gave me peace of mind -- and I haven't even had to use it!

January 2014

... I have had a great experience with everyone there. I have had mine for almost a year and the only thing I had to do to was buy a battery. Trust me I have been through the crap of that [competitors' names removed]. They just sell high miles junk. We even tried [competitor's name removed] because we heard all the radio commercials for them. They are even worse then [competitors' names removed]... Anyone looking for a good running vehicle with decent miles on it and you have bad credit you need to check Southside Motors out.

Sue Wissinger
via Google+
December 2013

Thanks sooooo much Southside Motors!!! You guys rock. Your are the only car place with good vehicles with low miles and give you a GOOD warranty. I checked [competitor's name removed] and all their vehicles had over 100,000 miles on them and looked like the were ready to fall apart. I will say that I had to use your warranty one time and it was very easy to use. I had to get a Transmission put in. The warranty company paid for all the bill except I had to pay $100.00. The bill was $2400.00 so thank God and Southside Motors for the good warranty... Trust me folks if you need a GOOD vehicle with decent miles and a GOOD warranty then go here. I went to 8 different places like [competitors' names removed] and they all wanted to sell me junk with way over 100,000 miles on them...

Toby H. (tobyh1289407262)
via CitySearch
November 2013

Picked a low-mileage 2005 Ford Explorer for the coming winter weather, and my past credit didn't matter with the Rent to Own program. The people at Southside Motors explained the paperwork as we went along and never rushed me.

Coraopolis, PA
October 2013

I just wanted to take a second to thank the good people at Southside Motors. I saw an ad for the Rent to Own program in the bus and just did not think it was true. But sure enough there was no credit check! I went from taking three buses to get to work to driving my own Impala. Best of all I only needed $2000 down. Thank you everyone at Southside Motors. No more waiting in the rain and cold for me!!

Pittsburgh, PA
September 2013

... My father and I went here because after my divorce my credit went down hill. We were amazed at how many vehicles they had and that they didn't have over 100,000 miles on them. Every other car lot we went to that helped people with bad cedit had cars with over 100,000 miles on them. The vehicles we looked at all had newer inspections and were newer. We are so impressed with this place that we made up a little advertisement for our church members to see. ... Save yourself a lot of time and frustration and just go to Southside Motors first.

via YellowPages
August 2013

Couldn't get a loan at other dealerships. Rent to Own meant they didn't even check my credit history!

July 2013

... I got my truck from Southside Motors about 11 months ago. It is a 2006 Jeep Cherokee and it only had 63000 miles on it when I got it. I think it was about 5 months after I got it that I started having problems with the transmission. I called the warranty company and they told me where to take it to get it fixed. I they had it 2 days and I got it back. My total bill was $205.00. They told me I had a $100.00 deductable and I had to pay sales tax. I was happy because I know a transmission for this thing is around $1800.00. My jeep has been running fine and I have been sending all my friends and family to Southside Motors because they are the only ones that would give us a GOOD vehicle with no credit check. I mean heck I only put $2000 down and my payment is only $375 a month for a 2006 Jeep Cherokee with only 63000 miles. It is only a 2 1/2 year term and I have a GOOD 2 year 24000 mile warranty. ...

Kathy Stossil
via Google+
June 2013

Sólo un agradecimiento a la gente en Southside Motors. Finalmente un concesionario que está dispuesto a trabajar con sus clientes! Gran servicio, bajo kilometraje, y el precio era perfecto.

Maria Gonzalez
May 2013

Like most other people with bad credit I went to 3 major bad credit car lots in Pittsburgh.  I tried [competitor's name removed] and they wanted to buy a 2001 Taurus with 124,000 miles on it.  I was like are you kidding me after I sat there for 2 hours waiting on them to tell me I could get a piece of junk.  I left there and went to [competitor's name removed].  This was even a bigger waste of time.  They treated me like I was a horrible person because I had bad credit.  Again they wanted me to get a 2001 Grand AM with 119,000 miles on it.  I figured I would try one more place and if they offer me the same type of car I would just take what I could get and be glad I got it.  I walked into Southside Motors and it was like someone lifted 1000 pounds off of my back.  I talked to the one owner (Guy) and was very impressed with the way he didn't make me feel I was a bad person because of my credit.  Guy told me to pick a vehicle out and he would work with me to make it happen.  I figured I would mess with him and pick the nicest one on the lot.  He laughed and said that I was making it hard for him but he would do whatever it took to make it work.  Next thing I knew he was calling my insurance company to add the 2007 Jeep to my policy.  Everything was going fine until my insurance company wanted $260.00 a month for insurance.  We hung up the phone and Guy said let me try my insurance broker.  He called him and we only have to pay $109.00 a month.  I hope by me writing this that people will not have to go through what I went through going to the rip off places like [competitors' names removed].  GOOD LUCK everyone and just goto Southside Motors and save yourself all the stress.

via DexKnows
April 2013

This car dealership has got to be one of the coolest places in Pittsburgh.  I went here because my daughters friend bought a car from them and all I have heard for weeks is that I need to go to Southside Motors and get a new car because the car I'm driving now is a hoopty.  They hooked me up with a 05 Kia Sorento SUV that only has 67,000 miles on it and is clean as a new born kitten.  They didn't even check my credit and I'm sooo glad they didn't because it is crappy.  LOL  I will tell you first hand that they respect people here and don't look down on you because you have bad credit.  In fact the one owner kept saying that BAD CREDIT DOES NOT MEAN BAD PEOPLE.  He had my laughing my but off because he kept messing with me and telling me I had to get a 1999 Dodge with 112,000 miles on it like [competitors' names removed] wanted to give me.  All in all I give Southside Motors a 10 out of 10.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!!

Malcolm Stephens
March 2013

I don't think I ever really took the time to write a review in my life because I never really cared about it enough.  We went here because 2 of our friends told us they got cars from them.  We didn't know how the rent to own program went but we new that the must not care about bad credit because our one friend had just went through a horrible divorce and his wife wrecked his credit.  We figured they would be like [competitor name removed] and all the vehicles would be high miles on them.  We were very surprised to find most of the vehicles were between 60000 to 80000 miles.  We talked right with one of the owners and I must say that was nice because there wasn't any BS like most other places.  He told us to pick a vehicle out and he would do what it takes to get us in it.  He was right because we got a 2007 Ford 500 with leather chrome wheels and it is all wheel drive.  I will probably never write another review in my life but I wanted to get the word out about this place.  They are a lifechanger.  Oh by the way we also got a 2 year warranty that the owner said we can take anywhere if we need work done on the car.

Mary Spencer
via Google+
February 2013

I got a car here and have to say that they did me pretty good.  Only problem I have had is with the insurance company.  I had Safe Auto and I guess you cant use them with the rent to own program.  Not a big deal cause they helped me get new insurance.  They new insurance they got me was alot cheaper anyhow.  I think my whole family got cars from this place.  Well maybe not the whole famaily but 4 of us did now.  As far as I know everyone is happy with there cars so far and my one sister has had hers for a little over a year now.

via Kudzu
January 2013

I have to let the public know my great experience with Southside Motors.  We have plans to go out of town for Thanksgiving but when we got up this morning to start our trip our car wouldn't go into gear.  We decided to just get a new car.  We tried to get one at a new car dealer but they said our credit was to bad and they wouldn't be able to help us.  They told us about Southside Motors and how they send a lot of people there.  They even gave us a ride to Southside Motors.  The guy that gave us a ride said that his sister got a car here and just paid it off and it is only a 2 1/2 year term and had a 2 year warranty and had to use it about a year after she got the car because it needed a new radiator.  He said the warranty company paid for everything but $100.00 deductible.  So anyhow we got to Southside Motors the one owner (Guy) came out and told me how the program works and he would do ever thing he could to get us back on the road so we could see our relatives for Thanksgiving.  He is such a little sweetie.  He did what he said he was going to do and we are going to get to see our relatives.  I'm actually in my hotel room writing this. I'm so happy that I'm going to see everyone.  If it wasn't for Southside Motors we would be setting in Pittsburgh by ourselves for Thanksgiving.

Katy S.
via CitySearch
November 2012

Thank you so very much for all your help and understanding!  We were in such a bind trying to help our daughter with her school costs.  We were tapped out with our creditors.  Thanks to the no credit check Rent to Own program, we got a really nice Jeep Liberty and have the priviledge of knowing that our little girl is in a safe and reliable vehicle while she attends school. Southside Motors is just fine by us!

Marshall Clemmons
Munhall, PA
September 2012

Just wanted to say thank you again for your customer service and caring about people and wanting to help others.  We really appreciate it!  The Toyota Prius has been running great!

Pittsburgh PA
July 2012

If you need a good car but you have bad credit this is the place to go.  I left out of threr with a 2004 Ford Explorer and I have been driving it for about 7 months with no problems what so ever.  I still don't no how they can do it with not even looking at my credit.  All I no is that I'm driving a fly truck and my credit is jacked.  I can remember my daddy telling me that if you don't have good credit that you wont get a nice car well he was wrong.  LOL  Thank you Southside Motors!!!

Pittsburgh, PA
via MerchantCircle
May 2012

I was just about to finish up with grad school, and I had to have a car to start my new job.  I could not get approved for a car loan.  Everyone said that I had way too much debt because of my student loans.  Southside Motors got me into a really nice Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I love my Jeep!  Thanks so much to the boys down at Southside Motors!  I would not have a nice vehicle if you had not helped me!

Clarissa Manfred
Penn Hills, PA
March 2012

I went to 7 different places looking for a nice car.  Every place I went did a credit check and as soon as they saw my credit they pretty ask me to leave.  I saw this place on tv and it said no credit checks and I thought to myself that this is the place for me.  I went in told them I was looking for a nice car and they said to pick something out and they would make it happen.  I still can't believe they let me get a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer.  This thing is loaded with heated seats and even a DVD player.  I'm telling you this is the place to go if you don't want the BS of trying to get a nice vehicle with bad credit.  I sent my mother here to and she has really good credit and they even helped her out.  The best part is that you get a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty with the vehicles.  I love my Trailblazer and Southside Motors.

Pittsburgh, PA
via MerchantCircle
January 2012

I was at my wit's end looking for a car for my daughter!  With my credit, I knew there was no way that I would get approved for an SUV.  But at Southside, we were in and out the door quickly, and they were so nice to us.  They even bought us lunch that day!  I highly suggest you go here to buy a car if you have bad credit!

Homestead, PA
November 2011

Thanks to the guys at Southside Motors, I am back on the road again!  I was never so happy as the day I got my new car.  My old car was repossessed, and I was in a bind because I had no way to get back and forth to work.  Those mean people I got my last car from really put the screws to my credit!  Southside Motors didn't care about all that.  I have a easy to drive SUV now, and I'm queen of the road again!  Thanks so much!

Kitty Beekay
Carrick, PA
September 2011

When my daughter told me about the Rent to Own Program, I thought it all sounded too good to be true.  You won't believe just how easy it was to get approved.  Got my income tax check and went straight to Southside Motors!  We were in a nice Dodge Caravan with a quickness!  The guys even helped us get insurance!  I will be sending my cousin in as soon as she gets her income tax money!

Gavin Crysnipps
July 2011

I'm so excited... Southside Motors got me and my husband into a nice minivan. Now we don't have to fight over sharing one car anymore!  I love my new Chrysler Town and Country.  It's perfect for driving the kids around!

Dominique Hoover
May 2011

I had a repo from about a year ago on my credit report.  No one would give me a car loan.  Soutside Motors said they didn't care about the repo and assured me I could get a car.  I still can't believe it.  Now when I drive passed the big dealerships that wouldn't approve me, I love to beep the horn and wave at them!  Thanks to Southside Motors, my repo is in the past, and I have moved on!  In a nice, bold Ford Explorer to boot!  Thanks again, guys!

Helen Schlepala
Verona, PA
March 2011

I had just gotten out of school and had a ton of student loans to pay off.  When people ran my credit, I could not get approved for financing because I had too much debt.  When I went to Southside Motors, I was in tears because I had pretty much spent the day at other dealerships being turned down.  One of the owners, Mr. Rowe, took the time to calm me down and then he helped me with my application.  Within minutes I was approved for a nice Chevy Malibu that had only 56k miles on it.  I was so happy, I just about danced out the door!  You can bet that as soon as I pay this one off, I will be back for a big bold SUV!  Thanks again, guys! You are lifesavers!

Queen Koko
West Mifflin, PA
January 2011

When my wife passed away, I decided it was time to get that SUV I always wanted.  I went to Southside Motors thinking I would do the Rent to Own Program.  Dave was very helpful, and I got approved for regular financing.  Even with bad credit I was able to get financed.  Tammy got me some good insurance.  I was able to drive off in a nice SUV.

Roy Mackey
McKeesport, PA
November 2010

We went there after going to 5 other places that wanted to sell us crap cars because our credit was bad.  This place took the time to work with us till we got the car we wanted not the one they wanted to sell us.  These people are great.  They really work with you.

via Kudzu
September 2010

I have 2 cars from them.  I have an '03 Ford Explorer and an '02 Pontiac Grand Am from this place, and I have not had any problems.  In fact, I will be done paying off both of them in 2 months.  I did go through a tough time with my job loss, but Southside Motors worked with me until I got back to work.  They told me just to let them know what was going on, and there would not be a problem.  I went 2 months with not making a payment to them, but as soon as I got back on my feet, I started paying them again.  I really don't know how anyone could ever have a problem with this place.  They really helped me and my family when times were tough.  Don't worry, Southside Motors, the good people on here know what kind of people you really are, and there are more of us than them.

Stacey Sampson
Pittsburgh, PA
July 2010

I just got my income tax money back, and I knew it was time to think about a new car.  Mine was on its last legs, and I had to do something because I haul the kids back and forth to school, sports, doctors, etc.  Southside got me into a realyl nice Chrysler Town and Country van.  I can't believe that they don't ask for a social security number!  I told them up front that I have a budget to work with and that I hardly have extra money to waste on car repairs.  The warranty gives me peace of mind.  Thanks again.  You guys are the best!

Chantillia Mosgrove
Cairnbrook, PA
May 2010

If you have credit problems, you need to go and talk to them.  My wife and I went there after our neighbor pulled up in his driveway with a 2005 Ford Explorer with only 52,000 miles on it.  We asked him where he got it because he told us that he went to a bunch of places and they kept telling him no because of his credit.  He told us about Southside Motors' Rent to Own program.  He said they don't even do credit checks.  We went down and talked to one of the owners (Guy) and told our situation.  He told us to pick out a vehicle, and he would make it happen for us.  Next thing we knew, we were leaving in a 2004 GMC Envoy with only 67,000 miles on it.  The 2 owners are great people and everyone didn't make us feel like we were bad people because our credit was bad.  I will be telling everyone about this place.

Crystal Davis
Pittsburgh, PA
March 2010

I still can't believe I'm driving such a nice car with no credit check!  My husband and I had tried to get approved at other dealerships, with no luck.  They kept telling us that our credit was too bad.  At Southside Motors, there was no credit check!  We were in and out in an hour!  They got me cheap insurance, too!

Tia Harris
Pittsburgh, PA
January 2010

I thought there was no chance, no way that I could get another car.  I had a repo last year, and everyone kept telling me I couldn't get approved.  Southside Motors had me in a car and out the door in about 2 hours!  Dave was so good about explaining how the program works, and he stayed late on Saturday because I had to work late that day.  I'm sending all my friends to Southside Motors!

Keissha Franklin
November 2009

Thank God for Southside Motors.  I have to admit that my credit score is really bad.  They didnt even do a credit check.  We came in Saturday at about 11:00 a.m. and we were out the door and in a nice Chrysler Concorde in about 1 1/2 hours.  I know I am paying more than someone with good credit, but if it wasnt for them giving me a chance I would not have a car.  They were nice to me and my husband and treated us with respect.

via CitySearch
September 2009

I just got a divorce, and I had no chance of getting approved for a car loan.  Southside Motors got me into a very nice car!  My new Lincoln is so nice.  The car even came with a 2-year warranty, so I know I'm covered.  I will never forget the day I got the car. It was lunchtime, and they even treated me and my girlfriend to lunch that day!  Tammy got me insurance that we could afford.  As soon as my girlfriend saves up, she is goint to get an SUV from them.  I only have good things to say about Southside Motors.  Tell your friends this is the place to get a new car!

Sam Foltz
Pittsburgh, PA
July 2009

I had just crashed my ride and was sitting on a bus going home from work when I saw an advertisement in a newspaper for Southside Motors.  It said I didn't need to have good credit to get a good car.  I called them up and stopped in the next day.  An hour later I was riding in style again.  The dude by the door helped me find insurance and worked with me to find a ride I liked and could afford.  Best of all, my three repos in the past never came up.  There was no credit check!

Pittsburgh, PA
May 2009

Just wanted to say thanks so much to Mr. Rowe.  He is such a nice person to work with.  I explained to him that there was no way my credit would let me get a car loan.  Before I knew it, I was out the door in a beautiful Lincoln Town Car!  I only had to put $2000 down and my first month's payment!  Best part was that I only have to pay on it for 2 1/2 years, and it's all mine!  Thanks again, Mr. Rowe!  You're a sweetheart!

Rolanda Reynolds
Homestead, PA
March 2009

I work for an organization that has homes for kids with special needs. One of the kids loves cars of all kinds. He has posters, magazines, etc. I took him to the Southside car lot so he could look at the cars. They were really busy, but Dave took the time to show Jimmy around the lot even though they knew they wouldn't make a sale. Jimmy asks tons of questions, and Dave was patient and kind. I went back to the lot the next day and bought a new ride for myself! Oh, and I have to give a shout out to Tammy, Mike, and Guy, too. Nice people, even to those with bad credit!

Tavon Weaver
Johnstown, PA
January 2009

My daughter was about to start her first job at UPMC, and my husband and I tried to get approved so we could get her a reliable car for work. No one would approve us because we did a bankruptcy a few years back. Southside Motors got her into a very nice Ford Focus, and I am so happy to know that my daughter has a safe and reliable car for work. Thanks so much, you guys!

Monique Sampson
Carrick, PA
November 2008

I had a ton of overdue medical bills that I could never get paid off.  Southside Motors told me not to worry about it!  I put down some money and got some insurance, and I was back on the road!  Thanks so much!  I will never forget how you helped me and my family out!

Cherise Nicewonger
Baldwin, PA
September 2008

We had just finished up a bankruptcy, so our credit was pretty much ruined.  I saw their ad on the TV and thought, "What do I have to lose?"  I called them, and after a few questions they told me I was approved.  I went right on down and got a Trailblazer!  It was so easy and quick!  And I know I'm covered with the service contract.

Juantisha Reynolds
South Park, PA
July 2008

My husband and I own a cat grooming salon here in Pittsburgh.  Our credit was very limited due to all the money we spend on supplies.  All banks kept telling us we had too much outstanding debt and they could not help us.  Thank God for Southside Motors!  They got us a really nice minivan, and now we can even offer mobile pet grooming services.  We are all happy with the service we received.  Our customers love when we give the kittens a ride, and without Southside Motors, we never could have done it!  Thanks again!

Shirley Fion
Pittsburgh, PA
May 2008

It was the end of the school year, and my daughter was always wanting to use my car.  At first it wasn't a big deal.  After about 2 weeks I became weary...  I was so sick of waiting for my daughter to return home so I could use my car to go to work or the doctor or even get my hair and nails done.  We went to Southside Motors, and they got my baby girl into a nice and safe Ford 500 sedan.  I'm so happy to not fight with her anymore about borrowing the car!

Lucy "Meameu" Garrettson
Hometead, PA
March 2008

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